Form 1099-NEC is making a come back

So what is the 1099-NEC form, and how does it compare to the old 1099-MISC? Keep reading to find out. This is a great article & video from "E-File for Biz" on understanding the differences. For more information, check out the resources that QuickBooks has provided here and see the official instructions from the IRS here.

Still need help getting answers? Contact A Bigger Bottom Line for a free 20 min consultation and we can provide some guidance.

If you already have a monthly subscription with us, just book a meeting and we can chat more. It is best to get clarity on this before year end so that you are ready going into tax season.

We here at A Bigger Bottom Line use a couple of different online electronic resources for filling 1099's for our clients. Efile for Biz, Track1099, and QuickBooks online are the main platforms we tend to use as we have the most experience with these programs. We have found that business owners tend to find it a bit daunting trying to ensure they have set everything up right, even when using these electronic programs. So if you need some assistance with your 1099's this year, be sure to reach out to us for help.

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