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Subscription Membership Plans

Once your Discovery & Strategy Projects are done, we'll know exactly which ongoing program you'll need. All programs are month to month and can be canceled any time. We know that you need help that's specific to you!  That's why we've taken the time to create options that suit many of our client's specific needs. You'll use either some or all of the options that are available in one of our ongoing programs and we'll customize the service agreement to meet your specific needs. We believe in fixed-price agreements so that you are never surprised by a bill and are never penalized for maintaining constant communication with our team.


Empower your numbers to empower your business

Stand Alone Subscription Plans for Advisory or get the Works with Platinum CFO 

Why should I consider DAILY bookkeeping & Advisory?

DAILY bookkeeping is the best way to ensure you have up-to-date numbers.


In these uncertain times, you can't wait a month to find out where you will be next week!

We can have your numbers entered daily.

Get the best of all 3 service offerings in 1!

  • Live Remote support sessions

  • Daily bookkeeping done for you

  • Advisory services to make your numbers useful to your business

You can quit any month as we will simply stop all work on your project, no matter the status, or sign up for a yearly engagement to receive a discount on your monthly rate and guaranteed results!

You will be able to see your numbers anywhere in the world at any time in order to make fast decisions. We can even help you with CashFlow forecasting in this package so you can see where your bank account balance may be headed in the upcoming weeks and months. 


Delegate tasks to us that you don't want to do on your own and leave the maintenance for us to handle.

Simply send us your information on time and meet with us regularly to get the feedback you need to run your business!

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Not sure if you need ongoing support just yet?

Are you only interested in buying an ala-carte hour or two of live support?

LIVE Remote Support


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*Hourly rate of $150 is billed in USD.  Book as many hours as you like, but be sure to check out subscriptions above to get the best value for your needs

You can discuss QuickBooks questions and more in these sessions.

We will view your screen via either Zoom or GoToMeeting and just provide you with some helpful instructions if you are stuck. 

These sessions are for anyone without a monthly subscription who just needs some technical support and maybe a little guidance in their QuickBooks File or other areas of their bookkeeping or business managment process.  

"If you think hiring a good professional accountant is expensive, try hiring a bad one. You'll learn the hard way which one costs more." 

                                                -Red Adair