We know that you need help that's specific to you!  That's why we've taken the time to create options that suit many of our client's specific needs. 

Subscription Membership Plans


Why should I consider DAILY bookkeeping?

DAILY bookkeeping is the best way to ensure you have up to date numbers.


In these uncertain times, you can't wait a month to find out where you will be next week!

We can have your numbers entered daily.

Get the best of all 3 service offerings in 1!

  • Live Remote support sessions

  • Daily bookkeeping done for you

  • Clean up your bookkeeping from the past & get things better organized

So if you have experienced some gaps in your bookkeeping due to a change in staffing or a reduction in labor, we can help you get back up to speed with this service, for no extra fees so long as you commit to a monthly PLATINUM program payment. You can quit any month as we will simply stop all work on your project, no matter the status, or sign up for a yearly engagement to receive a discount on your monthly rate and guaranteed results!

You will be able to see your numbers anywhere in the world at any time in order to make fast decisions. We can even help you with CashFlow forecasting in this package so you can see where your bank account balance may be headed in the upcoming weeks and months. 


Delegate tasks to us that you don't want to do on your own and leave the cleanup and maintenance for us to handle.

Simply send us your information on time and meet with us regularly to get the feedback you need to run your business!


Sign up now to get a quote!

Fill out your information on the form above and you'll receive an emailed INTERACTIVE quote which you can customize online to choose the package and services that you desire, at the price you can afford. 


Your interactive quote will be emailed to you INSTANTLY so you can immediately make your choice.

The contract and payment details will then pop up after that if you are ready to get started! Once you accept your Quote, Contract, and Pay your first Invoice we'll email your task list to get started and we'll begin putting things together behind the scenes to get you set up!


Either way, you'll be contacted with follow up instructions and call from us to help answer any questions you have. Feel free to book you free 20 minute consultation at any time to ask questions.

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Perhaps you already have a QuickBooks file but you think it was set up wrong or was neglected for a number of months? 

Or perhaps you want to convert from Desktop accounting to Online?

Maybe you have someone who will handle the day to day bookkeeping but you need help from a pro to ensure things are set up right and get a little training for them, and you, on how to keep it that way?

Perhaps you haven't done ANY bookkeeping in the last year or so, or more, and now it's time to get those numbers together so you can see what happened and get a report for your CPA?


In any case, we can quote you on a project to help.

Our clear and transparent project pricing depends on

the number of months in total there is to clean up, PLUS, any

additional transactions that have to be imported

such as Customer Invoices, Vendor Bills, Inventory, and so on.

We will clearly specify this in a formal quote and contract so you are aware of all costs. if you decide to continue service in a monthly cavity after your a la carte project, you will be required to sign up and sign a separate agreement for any ongoing services that are not a part of your project.

The Platinum service is the only service that combines these two offerings into one monthly rate so you can have monthly service done at the same time as your past period cleanup project is being performed.

If you don't think you will need daily bookkeeping, but you know you still need some clean up done, then the below pricing for your project can be estimated by the total number of months that you need the books done for with up to 6 connected bank accounts and credit cards.

In general, the cost will be:

$295 per month for 1 to 6 months

(Up to 6 bank account over 6 months x $295 = $1,770 that's 6 month's worth of bookkeeping)

$250 per month for 7 to 12 months

(Up to 6 bank accounts over 12 months x $250 = $3,000 that's one year of bookkeeping)

$225 per month for 13 to 36 months

(Up to 6 bank accounts over 36 months x $225 = $8,100 that's 3 years of bookkeeping)

For more details on clean up services please request a quote and/or schedule a free 20 min consultation to review your clean up, or set up, project.

The total cost of your project will be broken into 2 payments,

50% deposit to start and

50% balance at the close of your project.

You'll receive an unlimited supply of live remote support sessions during your bookkeeping project length to ensure we get the most info from you.

As we have to "Re-Build the Past" there will be many questions that we will have to ask you at various stages in the project.


The accuracy and completeness of your bookkeeping project will depend largely on your ability to give us the information we request on time and your TIMELY ability to get back to our questions.


We are only as good as the information we receive from you, so two-way conversations and much Q&A will be needed but we will get you there ASAP! 


We can quote you on an estimated time length once we know more about your specific project. We can typically get your books together within a month or two IF we get all your feedback within the first two weeks of beginning the project, and receive answers to our follow up questions within a few days of requesting feedback.

You will be sent Excel reporting to provide answers for transactions we could not determine, and your responses will be required to complete your project. If your responses are not received within a few days your project will be delayed at your own doing. 

We will only provide a certain number of months to complete the project. This will be defined in your project quote and contract to review before signing. 

Items outside the scope of the agreed-upon work will need to be re-valued and change orders will be sent to include any out of scope additions to the original engagement. 

We will not begin service with any program unless you have completed the required payments an signed the required agreements for service. 

LIVE Remote Support


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*Hourly rate of $95 is billed in USD.  Book as many hours as you like, but be sure to check out subscriptions below to get the best value for your needs

You can discuss any QuickBooks questions you have in these sessions.

We will view your screen via either Zoom or GoToMeeting and just provide you with some helpful instructions if you are stuck. 

These sessions are for anyone without a monthly subscription who just needs some technical support and maybe a little guidance in their QuickBooks File.  

Not sure if you need daily or weekly support just yet?

Are you only interested in buying an ala-carte hour or two of live support?

Are you way behind?

Like a number of months, or years?

Sounds like you may need a quote on a project.

"If you think hiring a good professional accountant is expensive, try hiring a bad one. You'll learn the hard way which one costs more." 

                                                -Red Adair