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There are two ways to Upload your information to us



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A customer portal accessible in your browser or via a mobile app to send and receive:
-To Do Tasks
-Monthly Financial Reviews
-QuickBooks Desktop file
-Questions & Answers
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A document management system you can forward info to using either your @hubdoc personalized email, the HubDoc App, or have your info auto fetched for you:
-Bills & Invoices
-Checks & Deposits
-Bank & CC Statements
-Push info directly to QBO
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Don't worry, we'll match up everything you send us, from either place, correctly in QuickBooks.

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-To Do Tasks
-Monthly Financial Reviews
-QuickBooks Desktop file
-Questions & Answers
-Upload files you need to discuss
-Esign Documents



-Emailing Documents via @hubdoc email

-Scanning in Documents from ScanSnap

-Uploading documents from your computer 

-Uploading to the HubDoc Mobile app

-Connect your bank to fetch check images

-Connect your bank to fetch deposit images

-Connect your bank to fetch statements

-Connect your utility accounts to fetch bills

-See all Uploaded info sorted a-z in folders

-Search for all uploaded info by #,$, or phrase


Everything will end up in QuickBooks

No matter how you get your information to us, we will get it all processed & synced into QuickBooks.

Your job is to simply send us the data via HubDoc or Liscio so we can process it for you in QuickBooks.

Once information is sent to us, we take things from there.

"What about bank feeds in QuickBooks? Can't you just use those to do everything?"

Don't worry, we will also connect your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks to pull in the bank feeds.

That's a standard process for all our clients.

But bank feeds don't provide the full story or allow us to reconcile your account.

We will need your transaction receipts and monthly statements and to get that right.

That's why we give you easy ways to send us that data.

We will review and match all the info you send us to their corresponding bank feed transactions.

That way there are no duplicate entries, and the important transactions have back up attachments.

Once we are done, you'll receive a Monthly Financial report to review in Liscio.

Anything we could not figure out for you will be assigned to you as a task in Liscio to provide us feedback.


Simply provide us with feedback on any needed changes (this will be done in Liscio)

and book your GoToMeeting sessions (on the Schedule page) 

so we can review the details with you and provide feedback and insights. 

With your monthly collaboration and feedback, you'll start seeing the full picture of your financials.

This will give you better insights to your business and help you grow!

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