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1) Manual Upload

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Got a big stack of paperwork?

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If you would prefer to mail your paperwork to us

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Additional fees will apply to have your paperwork returned to you, but we'll save you the time if you just can't get those documents to go in your scanner!

We can provide you the address to mail in your documents should you choose this method. You'll also need to add a cover letter stating your business name, contact info, and approval to pay extra for returned documentation or approval to shred all paper work after it is scanned.


You pay your own postage to ship paperwork to us.

Scanning can take up to one week after we receive the documents.

You have 30 days to decide weather or not to pay to have your paperwork returned or not.

The cost to return your paperwork will typically be about double what you paid to ship the paperwork to us. 

All scanned documents will be uploaded to your HubDoc account.

So, might just be easier to invest in a scanner and uploading your documents yourself, rather than paying for all that shipping, but if you really don't have the time, we can handle the scanning for you.


No sweat.


There are MANY any ways to send us your data 

No matter how you want to get information to us though all of it will get procesed in HuBDoc and then synced into QuickBooks.

Your job is to simply send us the data so we can process it for you in QuickBooks.

Once information is sent to us and is in HubDoc, we take things from there.

Once your info is processed you'll receive a Monthly Financial report to review.


Simply provide us with feedback on any needed changes (send us an email) and book your GoToMeeting sessions so we can review the details with you and provide feedback and insights. 



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