Need us to clean up your books? Then we NEED your DOCUMENTATION.

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

As Seth David from Nerd Enterprises would say, "To clean up your books we need documentation. "

I'm not the only bookkeeper out there that will ask you for this. Many of the below words are NOT my own. Many come from other great accountants out there such as Seth David and the like. So don't just take my word for it. This is universal.

If you want your books cleaned up then you MUST give us ALL the information we ask for.

Help us, Help you!

Let’s start with all bank and credit card statements (both PDF and CSV format).

· The PDF is what we reconcile to.

· The CSV is what we need to import or otherwise quickly find what’s missing.

We can’t sort or filter information in a PDF, but a CSV can be opened in Excel and organized to make it super fast and easy to find anything that is missing or off.

What’s the fastest way to provide all bank statements and CSV files to us?

Connect your bank accounts to HubDoc and let HubDoc import all this info FOR YOU!

Rather than spending half a day downloading all this yourself from your bank account, you can simply add your bank and credit card login info into HubDoc and answer a couple security codes and not only will your info be pulled in from up to 4 years in the past, but we also won’t have to bug you each month for this data as it will import itself automatically.

What if I already have all this info saved to a folder? Can’t I just upload it online?

Sure, if you have a bunch of info organized and saved nicely in a folder you can simply upload it to us either inside HubDoc once your account is activated OR simply upload it to our Sharefile account (for one time big uploads). The link can be found on our website on the Uploads tab.

What if I have all this an bunch of other info in paper format but I don’t have time to scan it all and upload it to you? Can I mail it?

Yes, you may mail your paperwork to us provided that you supply a cover letter that states your Company Name and a basic outline of the contents you are mailing us. We will scan everything within a week then we will upload this set of scanned items to your HubDoc file where you can view everything online. If you want your paperwork mailed back to you, the cost is usually between $30 to $50 to have it shipped back depending on the size of the envelope/box you send. We'll give you a quote on the price so you can decide. Otherwise, after the items are scanned they will be shredded a month later.

What we need to get and then keep your books clean is documentation.

It starts with the bank & credit card statements, but it goes on from there.

If you sent invoices to you customers this year, we need a list of ALL CUSTOMER INVOICES, preferably broken down by PAID verses UN-PAID status. REMEMBER, if you sent your clients an invoice last year that was still UN-PAID as of this year THOSE NEED TO BE INCLUDED as well. If your customer pays you this year for an invoice that was sent to them last year, then that MUST go into this years bookkeeping.