Exciting Changes this Fall at A Bigger Bottom Line

We have made some exciting changes to the way we will work together in 2023.

Starting from December 1st, 2022, we will be updating the re-occurring billing software & client portal that we’ve used in the past.

In order to get started, we’ll be sending all current clients an electronic engagement for all the work that we will be doing for you moving forward. This engagement will clearly list out all the services we provide and what the fees are for this work.

You’ll be receiving this engagement from our new billing software which will allow you to have your own login to see past invoices and update your payment information online.

Why the change?

1. To provide both parties with the utmost clarity and certainty around our services and fees. It’s increasingly important for businesses to understand and manage their cash flow, so this is a big step to making that easier for both your business and ours.

2. To provide our clients with a central portal online where they can:

  • View their billing details such as past invoices, engagement agreements, and current payment info on file

  • Have the ability to change their payment info on file when desired

  • Request updates or upgrades as needed

  • Consolidate communications into one system

  • Have access to a folder tree structure with securely stored documents

  • Receive better tools for providing feedback on UnCategorized transactions

  • Receive more options for securely sharing information

  • Benefit from links to other services and features in the portal to improve financial oversight

  • Enjoy a better communication & task management experience than the old client porta