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However ever you send it, all paper work

ends up in the same place.

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Once we have collected your information, we'll do your bookkeeping for you, then send you financial reports to review each Week or Month.

Review your emailed reports and any questions we have.

Then email us your feedback, and we will make any needed adjustments & updates, for you. 

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Also, feel free to schedule a GoToMeeting session and we'll review things in further depth and help you understand where your money is going and where things show up on your reports.

Team GoToMeeting with Videoand

Each month, just make sure you have uploaded your info and given us access, and the cycle will continue.

As it does, your financials will continue to improve.

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You'll always know where your paperwork files are as they will be safety organized and stored in HubDoc.

Plus, you'll always have access to your Financial Reports, Invoices, & Expenses in QuickBooks.

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Getting started today!

Hourly Service and Monthly Subscriptions are available.

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