3 types of bookkeeping support:

Ongoing Bookkeeping Subscriptions


Bookkeeping Done for You


Hourly Help

I am not sure how much help I'll need? Maybe just some online training? Let's just work hourly to start.

Hourly Rate: $75 per hour

Get a discount, buy more than 1 hour at a time with Hourly Service Packages. Click below to see prices:


Clean Up & Set Up Your QuickBooks Bookkeeping


Perhaps you already have a QuickBooks file but you think it was set up wrong, or was neglected for a number of months? 

Or perhaps you want to get started in QuickBooks Online, or convert from Desktop to Online?


In any case we can quote you on a project to get you all set up.

Pricing Depends on how many months in total there is to clean up.

In general the cost will be:

$295 per month for 1 to 6 months

$250 per month for 7 to 12 months

$225 per month for 13 to 36 months

For more details on clean up services please request a quote and/or schedule a free 30 min consultation to review your clean up, or set up, project.

The total cost of your project will be broken into 2 payments,

50% deposit to start and

50% balance at the close of your project.

"If you think hiring a good professional accountant is expensive, try hiring a bad one. You'll learn the hard way which one costs more." 

                                                -Red Adair