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Identifying Challenges and Goals


Before we can get your business set up to become a well-oiled machine of streamlined efficiency, we first need to take some time to learn more about your company.


To do this we need to find out where you are now, where you want to be, what's currently working, what's not, and help you clearly define what would it look like to have the end result you desire. 

This process is called Discovery. It helps us determine the Scope of the work to be done and allows us to then offer you the right plan for setup, cleanup, and/or ongoing services based on your specific needs.


Skipping over this process tends to lead to disappointment for both the client and service provider because misunderstandings are inevitable when expectations are not clarified at the start. 

During the Discovery process, we're going to ask a lot of questions. We do this because really want to get to know you, your processes, your goals, and what's keeping you up at night. Like dating, we want to be sure we're a good fit for you and you're a good fit for us. 


Determining whether or not you will be the right fit for us, will be based on the following main factors: 

1) Are you actually able to grant us access to all the information we need? 

We use the term "actually able" because while many clients say that they will grant us access to do the information we require, many actually fail to provide us this access once we've taken them on as a client. Not having 100% access to the information we require to do our job, diminishes our rate of success in helping our clients and creates friction. So it is critical for us to find out how well your company does at this step during the Discovery process. It will determine how well we can serve you during your clean-up/setup and in the future. It also ensures that you will get the best service and the best chance of success as no stone will be left unturned.

2) Are you actually able to adapt & use the communication systems we use?

We use the term "actually able" because while many clients say that they will adapt to and use our secure communication platforms, many clients actually fail to use our communication platforms and

use email instead which compromises their data and slows progress. Not having 100% communication done in secured platforms diminishes our rate of success in helping our clients and creates friction, risk, and inefficiencySo it is critical for us to find out how well your company does at this step during the Discovery process. It will determine how well we can serve you during your clean-up/setup and in the future. It also benefits you because then there are no misunderstandings to how we will work together moving forward and also we will keep all your data secure, allowing you to have peace of mind.

Subsription Memberships

Once your Discovery & Strategy Projects are done, we'll know exactly which ongoing program you'll need. All programs are month to month and can be canceled any time. We know that you need help that's specific to you!  That's why we've taken the time to create options that suit many of our client's specific needs. You'll use either some or all of the options that are available in one of our ongoing programs and we'll customize the service agreement to meet your specific needs. We believe in fixed-price agreements so that you are never surprised by a bill and are never penalized for maintaining constant communication with our team.

Bookkeeping & Management
Services for your Back Office

Subscription Membership Plans


Curious as to how much the Discovery Phase will cost? The Discovery process is basically paid as a one time retainer for $1,500 and a portion of the retainer will be applied to the overall determined Strategy (clean-up or set-up project) that follows.

Ready to just get started? Click here to review the Discovery Fee and get the process going.


Empower your numbers to empower your business

Stand Alone Subscription Plans for Advisory or get the Works with Platinum CFO 

After the Discovery process is complete, you'll receive a quote and strategic plan for either the clean-up or set-up of your accounts. You'll have the chance to accept or deny the proposed total to get you set up right and current up to date.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, our team will go to work getting all the things we have discussed implemented. We'll be working hard in the background doing the "heavy lifting" of set-up and clean-up so that we can present you with a "driveable" system that will be ready for take-off and will have plenty of useable data at your fingertips. 

During this phase we will want to meet with you regularly, usually weekly, to answer our questions and make sure we have access to what we need to keep the ball rolling. Sometimes more things pop up during this process than we cold foresee in our original strategy and scope of work. We'll let you know and keep you informed of any new issues or challenges we need to overcome in our client communication platform which you can check into to get updates. 

After your clean-up or setup project is completed, we'll then offer recommendations for ongoing service in the package we feel you'll get the most value.

Ongoing services are both for maintenance and compliance services as well as for the management and continuation of your business. If the goal was simply to get the numbers ready for a tax return or business loan, then some clients don't opt-in for ongoing services as they've got what they need and met their goal at this point. 

Curious as to how much your Clean-Up or Set-Up Strategy may cost? If there's not much to clean up or set up because we find out your books are squeaky clean (rare but possible if you've had a good bookkeeper up until this point and just need a change in guard) then we will apply the unused portion of your Discovery Retainer to your Strategy project and or / any ongoing monthly service or advisory service you wish to continue with. This is rare though, so please be clear on that, as most businesses need a fair amount of help when onboarding in order to ensure things are set up and transition smoothly. Clients that are starting a brand new file and just started their businesses tend to be the ones that see the least charges here as they get the benefit of calling their bookkeeper at the right time - when they start - rather than after things go on for a while.


For clients who have already started their businesses, the cost will depend on how long they've been in business and therefore how many months of clean-up is required. This can be anywhere between $500 to $7,000 worth of work and in some cases much more if the project is significant. It "all depends" as the saying goes. Best to get started now before the issues continue to pile up and become more costly later to resolve. 

Plan and Process for Implementing your Goals 
Process to help get your business numbers & systems ready for automation


Why should I consider DAILY bookkeeping & Advisory?

DAILY bookkeeping is the best way to ensure you have up-to-date numbers.


In these uncertain times, you can't wait a month to find out where you will be next week!

We can have your numbers entered daily.

Get the best of all 3 service offerings in 1!

  • Live Remote support sessions

  • Daily bookkeeping done for you

  • Advisory services to make your numbers useful to your business

You can quit any month as we will simply stop all work on your project, no matter the status, or sign up for a yearly engagement to receive a discount on your monthly rate and guaranteed results!

You will be able to see your numbers anywhere in the world at any time in order to make fast decisions. We can even help you with CashFlow forecasting in this package so you can see where your bank account balance may be headed in the upcoming weeks and months. 


Delegate tasks to us that you don't want to do on your own and leave the maintenance for us to handle.

Simply send us your information on time and meet with us regularly to get the feedback you need to run your business!

Get Live Support.png

Not sure if you need ongoing support just yet?

Are you only interested in buying an ala-carte hour or two of live support?

LIVE Remote Support


2020 ABBL Icon HIGH RES.png

*Hourly rate of $150 is billed in USD.  Book as many hours as you like, but be sure to check out subscriptions above to get the best value for your needs

You can discuss QuickBooks questions and more in these sessions.

We will view your screen via either Zoom or GoToMeeting and just provide you with some helpful instructions if you are stuck. 

These sessions are for anyone without a monthly subscription who just needs some technical support and maybe a little guidance in their QuickBooks File or other areas of their bookkeeping or business managment process.  

"If you think hiring a good professional accountant is expensive, try hiring a bad one. You'll learn the hard way which one costs more." 

                                                -Red Adair

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