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... Your payment has been accepted.


Look for an email in your inbox (in 1 to 2 business days) with login details. Be sure to save your password for future logins. You can also change your password once you gain access to your account.


  • Wait one to two business days for a login to our portal 

  • While you wait for your invite you can BOOK YOUR ONBOARDING MEETINGS.

  • Once logged into the portal you can let us know if more team members need to be added.


  • Wait one business day, and you will see the new features with links show up in your Client Portal with to do's and next steps


Once you are logged in, go to the To Do's.

File Box in customer Hub.png

In the File Box, you will see an Excel document called User Names and Passwords.  Download this document to your computer and add your info.

Download the User Names adn Passwords sh

Add your banking info to the Excel document, then save it to your computer.

Fill Out User Names and passwords.png

Next, upload the file back to the File Box in your

My Account using the "UPLOAD A FILE" button. 

Upload file to file box.png

Now, we will need to have a live GoToMeeting session together in order for us to retrieve security codes for our first login. We won't be able to access your bank account with just your user name and password, we must also get your security codes which will be text to you or emailed to you in next first GoToMeeting appointment. 

Team GoToMeeting with Videoand
Security Code.png

The codes typically expire within minutes of the request, for your security, so this is why we must do this process WITH YOU, in a live GoToMeeting session.

Security Code.png

During our meeting, we will make sure we have access to all your banking info and ensure things are connected to HubDoc. We will also show you how the HubDoc system allows you to easily forward us receipts and bills in the future. This makes data entry into your QuickBooks file an effeicnt system for our team to handle for you.

hub to qbo.jpg

After we get your banking information we'll make all necessary updates, then we will send you some preliminary questions & tasks in your Client Hub.

You'll receive an invite to this system about a day after you start service.

Client Hub Center.png

Message us your feedback in your Client Hub Message center. Then we'll send you some initial reports for your review. 

Monthly Reports.png
download (2).jpg

Now that your financial drafts are created be sure to book another meeting with us so we can dive deeper into the information and answer any other questions!

Team GoToMeeting with Videoand
HubDoc Logo.png
logo square cleint hub.jpg

Have questions? Just book a Subscription Member meeting and we can go through things together!

Remember, during your first month with us, we will meet with you as often as you like to help you get set up. So don't worry about using up your time in the first month, meet with us as often as you can.


We want to make sure everything gets off on the right foot and you get your numbers back as soon as possible!

We are only as good as the feedback we get from you so join us as much as you can!

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