Cash Flow Forecasting


Know your cash flow... don't guess it!

A healthy runway keeps you feeling good about your company.  Proper numbers can give you an honest perspective of where you're at.  Risk Reduction and Process Improvement.

In a nutshell, it's about predicting your company's future financial position; the cash flow forecast is typically based on anticipated payments and receivables and can be estimated with the right data...  Almost like MAGIC!


“Beware of little expenses;

a small leak will sink

a great ship.”

~Benjamin Franklin~

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The first step with any process is discovery.  Proper data, whether good or bad, will help you determine what steps need to be taken next.  

Having a well set out strategy will help create direction.  This is called calculated risk.  

Don't we all wish we could start here?  It's true!  Time to implement the strategy we worked so hard to create.  Here is where true change begins.

Don't waste time cleaning up after yourself.  A well built company requires minimal maintenance if the systems are properly tuned!


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